Using a fresh and agile approach to capture actionable insights

QUESTIA GROUP is a tech and data start-up in the business of online public opinion with a strong international presence. Our core values are: fresh data, customization and digitalization. Using a mix of technology, innovative approach and cutting-edge research methodologies, we provide a unique way of capturing actionable insights by talking to the target audiences constantly and in real-time. With our fresh and agile approach, we are able to take the pulse as events unfold and come up with the insights. Success is rooted in the ability of clear thinking and acting quickly. And we deliver this opportunity with high efficiency. And with enthusiasm. This is our everyday fuel. Enjoying what we do is our way of guaranteeing we never run out of gusto.

Our panels can be started from scratch and become active anywhere in the world in just three weeks. Due to our agile market research approach, we can guarantee a burden-free cost scheme tailored to your needs. We have designed a process that results in rapid deployment and also a streamlined analysis that gives you real-time access to your results. We are proud to be able to offer results to our clients in just a few hours after starting a survey.

What Questia has to offer:

  • Monthly surveys (run-of-the-mill, complex questionnaires for extensive information and in-depth insights);
  • short surveys (study a particular situation on a weekly basis, constantly taking the pulse and identifying trends);
  • on-the-spot surveys (snap surveys, instantly measuring the impact of events right after and even while they unfold);
  • real-time tracker surveys (ongoing, recurring studies on a particular subject with automatically generated results charts);
  • insight communities (Test concepts, explore consumers’ lifestyles, identify emerging trends like in a regular market research study, only faster and better. And with more people, allowing for a granular view over a much longer period of time. Clients actually get meaningful feedback in a more engaging way.);
  • trial version of our forecasting community (This is the edge you need when taking crucial decisions. We base this new trial product on a cutting-edge research that investigates the best strategies for generating accurate subjective probability estimates for events over a wide array of topics); and
  • classic research (qualitative, quantitative, desk research and anything in between).


If you want to know more about who we are and what we can do for you, enter our site or even better, send us a line at Contact Mihai Mihailescu, insights and innovation manager.