The industry has taken a sudden turn. Currently, there are more companies looking for the right fit for their organization than talent in search for the right company. This can be a daunting task for any company and can be extremely time-consuming. Utilizing a recruiting partner to help you find the type of people who will stay with your company and help drive your organization’s success can save you both time and money.

Bob Ferro with Quirk’s Talent, a new recruiting service offered by Quirk’s in partnership with Trusted Talent LLC, gives some insights into how marketing research companies can recruit and retain great talent.

To understand the importance of employees, Ferro discusses the concept of human capital. “Human Capital is a catch phrase intended to help business leaders understand the importance of people within their organizations,” says Ferro. “A successful organization will focus attention on what each person needs to be a successful contributor.”

Finding the right recruiting partner who understands your industry is key, says Ferro.

“There is no substitute for a recruiting partner who understands the market research industry and the diverse nature of each company’s culture,” he says. “Just as important is the deep understanding of the candidates’ aspirations and capabilities. Trust is likely to be the most important component for your culture and people.”

Using Quirk’s network and knowledge base, Quirk’s Talent identifies and screens candidates for clients within the marketing research industry who are looking for permanent placements or interim placement of experienced consultants by using many sources. Quirk’s Talent interviews active and passive candidates and presents only those who are qualified and interested to the clients. The candidate is then asked to prepare a one-minute video cover letter with their resume and profiles.

Ferro emphasizes the importance of providing a sustainable environment for the people within your organization. “The culture of your organization, coaching, mentoring and encouragement that you provide, as well as the level of openness, transparency and values that you communicate and believe in, all contribute to a sustainable environment where your people will thrive and be able to contribute to your company’s growth and success. Your organization will need to evolve with the times.

“Retaining the best people is crucial to the success of your team,” Ferro says. “Your best people need to be engaged, encouraged and motivated. Most likely, this means that you will do things very differently than you have in the past. Today, your workforce needs to include flexible home office options and access to intelligent technologies. As you review your leadership style, transformational leadership is about coaching and mentoring. Encouraging trust and dependability will help you retain your brightest and best talent.”