This is an exciting time for market researchers as we embrace technologies that help us meet our clients’ needs to extract powerful insights faster, at lower cost and through flexible, multi-faceted research processes.

As more and more of the process of conducting research is shifted to tech-based solutions, we believe it is important that we are vigilant in keeping the human aspect of research front and center. Recruiting, moderation, facility experience, project management and deliverables are all enhanced by technology but we cannot see a path where humans are not the primary drivers of the client and participant experience.

Purposeful innovation that leverages the real efficiencies technology can create on process, combined with a focus on ensuring the human-centered service necessary to deliver the best possible experience for research participants, clients and internal teams alike should be the cornerstone of our evolving industry.

From its inception more than 30 years ago, Focus Pointe Global (FPG) has been a leader in promoting and enhancing innovation while fostering collaborative dialogue and strong partnerships. We are committed to developing technologies for emerging research methodologies (and combinations of methodologies) in order to meet and exceed the demands of a fast-moving industry.

Last year, we introduced FPG Think Tank™, a brand extension of FPG that houses platforms that focus on generating quick insights utilizing our proprietary panel. One of the tools included in the Think Tank offering is The Gauge App. Gauge is a quick insights mobile app that is the perfect tool any time your research calls for narrowing down options. Whether you need to test or tweak concepts, taglines, package designs, color choices or anything that requires fast feedback, Gauge is a great solution. It is fun to use and users respond to questions very quickly. The release of V2 last month ( brings added options, including open-ended text responses. Gauge can be used as a standalone or in conjunction with other methods.

Focus Pointe Global is a leading marketing research company with data collection services that include in-person and online methodologies, providing access to the “buy and why” insights from consumers that align with product development from start to finish. Our purpose is to help companies make better decisions about the products and services they bring to market. Our methodologies range from focus groups, jury studies, taste tests, large CLTs, online surveys, online communities, Webcam interviews, IHUTs, ethnographies, shop-a-longs, polling and more.
We own and operate 19 focus group facilities located strategically in major markets across the United States and are considered a leader in the qualitative and quantitative marketing research data collection space.

We recruit participants from our 1.6 million-member national panel, which is used for both qualitative and quantitative research and grows at a rate of 800+ per day.

Our goal is to be the industry’s go-to agency for in-person and online marketing research solutions. Give us the opportunity to show you what we’re made of and you will have a research partner for life!