In March 2016, FocusVision named Jamin Brazil Chief Executive Officer of the growing market research technology firm. This announcement was one in a series of recent changes for the firm. FocusVision has expanded in the last few years with the acquisition of four leading market research technology firms including: Revelation, Decipher, ResearchReporter, and KinesisPanel. Through these acquisitions, FocusVision has become the leading global provider of end-to-end solutions for both quantitative and qualitative (Quant + Qual), research practices. As the global leader in marketing research technology, FocusVision puts the customer at the heart of everything we do by providing excellent customer experience through our tools and services. The ideal solution for a researcher offers exactly what they need when and where they need it. This drives us to focus on all types of data from qualitative to quantitative and on increasing visibility and accessibility of our customers’ insights across their entire enterprise. It is our goal to meaningfully connect researchers to consumer insights so they can spend less time executing their projects and more time delivering insights that drive their business. Traditionally known for its qualitative videostreaming capabilities, FocusVision’s acquisition of quantitative software and services provider Decipher, in 2015 drastically changed the market research landscape. A well-known qualitative suite acquiring a quantitative company was a first for the market research industry – both avenues of research traditionally stayed in their respective silos. The addition of KinesisPanel earlier this year allows FocusVision to manage the process of recruiting, tracking, monitoring, and rewarding panelists across their suite Quant + Qual of market research solutions all in one location – a highly compelling and unique proposition for market researchers. As FocusVision continues to disrupt the the market research landscape with a comprehensive technology solution, the firm is now looking to Jamin to elevate it to the next level. Fortunately, Jamin is not the type to back down from a challenge. Prior to joining FocusVision, Jamin co-founded and served as CEO of Decipher, a quantitative survey programming and reporting platform which emphasizes a mobile-first, cross platform approach to data collection. An innovative entrepreneur and leader, Jamin grew Decipher 20% year over year through organic growth by being laser focused on providing the highest customer service and software that is consistently ahead of market trends. Jamin’s distinctive leadership style of leading by example and embodying the company culture motivates talented professionals and fueled Decipher’s success. The acquisition of Decipher created a unique proposition in the industry: a company that can offer comprehensive best in class quantitative and qualitative technology solutions. After the acquisition of Decipher, Jamin served as Chief Marketing Officer of FocusVision. As CMO Jamin was committed to solidifying the brand’s reputation in the industry. Through his creative vision and strategic efforts, Jamin brought a new energy to the more traditional FocusVision brand. Now, as Jamin dives into the role of CEO, his vision for the strategic growth of FocusVision is laser focused. “Our path forward is very simple: provide best of breed technologies and put the customer at the heart of everything we do,” Jamin said. “Each of the companies that comprise of FocusVision started with a technology advantage and realized success by putting the customer first. These have been the cornerstones of our success to date and will continue to be our focus.”

Creating Excellent Customer Journeys

Jamin’s forward-thinking leadership enables him to run a multifaceted company while continuing to keep FocusVision’s main objective top of mind: creating lasting partnerships with clients. “I’m proud of the partnerships FocusVision creates with our clients. It’s not a transactional, vendor-client interaction,” Jamin said. “FocusVision is committed to providing quality service that’s coupled with the utmost care and consideration. That’s what we do for our clients, and that’s what we’ll continue to do.” From technology needs to budget concerns to simply delivering on expectations, FocusVision partners with customers to bring them the best solutions possible.

FocusVision’s Future

The future of FocusVision under Jamin’s leadership is exciting. His entrepreneurial spirit, primary market research roots, forward thinking leadership and passion for providing excellent client service echoes through the company culture. As a result, the market research industry continues to look to FocusVision for the latest in technology advancements. “It’s my mission to continue to elevate the brand through strategic, thoughtful relationships,” Jamin said. “When we enter a partnership with our clients we are committed to being responsive to their feedback, constantly improving and in turn, changing and improving the market research industry as a whole.”

Best of Breed Technology

For FocusVision, advancing technology means providing customers with new options for gathering insights, reducing the cost to get into the minds of mobile consumers via web-enabled interviews and life-entrenched diaries via video and mobile, and giving access to new participant senses that were previously difficult to invoke. Jamin’s passion for data technology and keen awareness on the subject echoes through his commitment to increasing efficiencies in the space. “Data technology is essential to our daily business. Data is the lifeblood of research; being on the cutting edge of research technology is what we do,” Jamin said. Technology advancements allow FocusVision to reach more respondents than ever as well as gather more data through expanded mobile touch points and in-the-moment feedback. “With FocusVision’s suite of Quant + Qual services, our customers are able to make sense of a large amount of data using quantitative research tools, then glean the deeper message with direct qualitative options,” Jamin said. “The outcome is truly focused services and marketing.”