Companies have to keep up with continuously changing markets. Therefore they need quick and accurate data, which is why respondi goes further and complements the data from its access panels with the permanent tracking of digital behaviour. The result is beatery: a new interactive dashboard which connects declarative and behavioural data. Jennifer Roberton reports how it provides a granularity that big data alone can’t reveal.

Surveys are the dominant method of data collection in market research. In quantitative and qualitative interviews people declare what moves them, how they see themselves and what they want. This procedure has proven to be very personal, self-explanatory and can be actively steered by researchers in the way they ask questions.

However, surveys are always a subjective reflection of reality, filtered through the perception and willingness to provide information from participants. Intention, memory and social desirability, whether consciously or unconsciously, frequently influences the quality and validity of declarative data. Sometimes, this can become very critical for decision-relevant market research. Therefore we should expand the subjective view of the world by objective data. Whether in geolocation research, observing behaviour in the usage of digital media, new methods in neuroscience, digital transaction of data or the Internet of Things, human behaviour is increasingly tracked and made accessible for market research. These new methods of data collection extend people’s feedback through objective measurement and provide extensive, continuous and above all reliable information.

Against this backdrop respondi tracks digital usage such as Web site visits, app usage and search behaviour of representatively selected people in the U.K., France and Germany and combines objective behavioural data with information from surveys, sociodemographic characteristics and psychographic patterns.

All tracking data is recorded in real-time, categorized in advance and is available on a daily basis. This is done in beatery, a specially developed IT architecture consisting of database, analysis tool and dashboard. beatery allows users to zoom into the observed reality with just a few clicks, thus easily gaining the added value of combining behavioural data and declarative data. Whether in customer or user analysis, in the field of advertising research, in competition analysis or reach measurement, cross-sectional or longitudinal, with each click within a profile such as age, education or income, it’s easy to realize the differences in the digital behaviour within each target group.

By using the latest best-in-class technologies and analysis methods, beatery offers a customized and intuitive dashboard to help you accompany people reliably and insightfully in their everyday digital lives. You can easily customize split variables with information from any survey or your own segments and you can select people by their behaviour for in-depth surveys, to add the why to the what.

respondi was founded in 2005 in Cologne, Germany, and is a provider of international access panels. It delivers the right participants to its customers for qualitative and quantitative online and mobile surveys, operating its own online access panels in 10 European countries. respondi offers extensive and customised services for these surveys, in the areas of sampling, programming and data delivery.

respondi has its headquarters in Cologne and offices in both London and Paris.
As a panel provider, respondi is certified according to the internationally recognised Norm ISO 26362.
respondi is a member of the ESOMAR, irep, DGOF and Adetem associations.