Q. What is PersonaPanels and what distinguishes you from your competitors?

PersonaPanels is a full-service market research firm. What distinguishes us from our competitors is our additional ability to conduct research utilizing animated bots known as personas. We’re uniquely positioned at the intersection of machine learning and market intelligence.

Q. What exactly are personas?

Personas are synthetic models of human interests and values. They are representative of individuals and population segments but are not tied to any specific individual, so they are protective of privacy. The technology behind the personas was developed by our AI partner, Tanjo. The firm’s team has a deep background building large simulation models of human populations for the U.S. Department of Defense. This background, paired with their computer gaming experience, human/machine interface and data science expertise, provides a unique combination of capabilities for innovation, which allows for a compelling new approach to market research.

Q. How are personas created?

Personas are created from data sets. The specific data sets used depend on your research needs. For instance, personas modeled after consumer segments can be created from Nielsen Homescan and Spectra data. As a member of the Nielsen Connected Partner Network, we have an open pipeline to the disaggregated data generated from the 65,000 households within Homescan. We can also use internal data sets or existing segmentation descriptions. If you want us to mirror specialized occupations, such as doctors, we can create the personas from life science databases. We also can conduct research studies for you and then turn that data into personas.

Q. What happens once the personas are created?

Once created, personas access the Internet and autonomously select material to read that aligns with their programmed traits and interests. Because personas are machine learning agents, they’re able to incorporate the information they access into their personalities. This means that a persona’s reactions to your research will reflect current trends within the segment they represent.

Q. What are some advantages to using machine learning personas in research?

Personas never tire, so the number of questions they’re willing to answer and the length of time they will devote to an exercise is not a factor. Personas always respond honestly, never trying to please the questioner. Personas will help you meet your deadlines because you can access them at any time and get instant responses. Using personas allows you to maximize privacy since sensitive topics are not being reviewed by humans. And using personas allows you to repeat research tasks as often as desired – with no expensive incentives paid to respondents. Repeatable, fast, accurate research projects result in better strategic decision-making.